Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Review of Kon-Tiki 16 Piece Dinnerware Set in Cream

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Edgy and exotic designs emphasize your unique style and set the tone for vivacious living. Naturally eye-catching with its highly reflective glaze and matte exterior finish, the vibrant square shapes of The Kon Tiki Collection are sure to captivate.

16 Piece Dinnerware Set Includes:


Looks Cute and Easy to Maintain

By Isa from Hillsboro, OR on 11/4/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Complete, Dishwasher Safe, Attractive Design, Good Food Capacity

Cons: Too Heavy

Best Uses: Daily Use, Decorative, Casual

Describe Yourself: Practical, Bargain Hunter

The set has texture, but even so it is still really easy to clean since you can just stick it in the dishwasher. I really love the faded design as it goes from dark wood to cream. The mugs are probably my favorite item with the appetizer plates a close second. They are a bit heavy, so that could be a possible flaw. I personally take it for sturdiness and feel like the set won't chip as easily as others I've had. I chose this product from the clearance center for review and I was surprised that it came with all the pieces and in perfect condition because usually clearance products are returned items which may be damaged or are flawed in someway. It was priced very cheap which is also why I was expecting some sort of defect in it, but that the product didn't have. The dinnerware has a wonderful design, texture, overall feel and (although I haven't tested to see how resistant) it hasn't chipped even though my family uses the set every single day.


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  1. The set is beautiful!! Glad you liked it so much and I'm sorry that you can't cook. If it helps, I can't either. I tend to forget I'm "cooking" and end up burning everything. With baking it's the same :/ But don't let it bring you down, not knowing how to cook is always full of adventure! ;)

    I should tell my sister about this set, it's just like her style. I know she'd love it. :D

  2. Ha! Thanks. Whenever it is my turn to cook, I cook one thing at a time because I'll concentrate on one pan and making sure it is perfect while the other one (usually its rice for some reason) is burning right in front without me noticing! Lol.

    Isn't it cute? I really like the cups for my daily dose of coffee :)


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