Friday, November 5, 2010

Product Review Continued :)

I wanted to add to the review I submitted at the CSN website because it doesn't express just how excited I was on receiving this product. This is my first product review (aside from books) so I'm justified. :)

Here is when I got the package. It was huge and very heavy, thankfully the UPS person was very nice, because (trust me on this) I wouldn't have been able to get that inside the apartment...well maybe if I pushed it. Anywaaays...can you tell I'm excited? Ignore the pink thing please, it's my sister foot ruining everything. Lol.

Here is when I took off that top cardboard stuff. I was basking in all those styrofoam thingies. They are SO much fun to play with.
Ok, so the actual plates are coming, but would I really recommend this to my fellow bloggers and readers? I did get it in exchange for a review, but I would honestly recommend CSN STORES to most of you out there. They really do have some great products and loads of options especially for the upcoming Holiday season. There were a few things that I would like sold there too like make-up because I would buy that more and of course, books! But just in case someone on your gift-list isn't into those things, (like most of my people) then this online store is going to be really helpful. Thank you for reading and I hope I've been sucessful in my first product review! :)

P.S - I really wanted to take a picture of them with food, but I can't cook, so you would have been too distracted by the gross food to even look at the set. At least my gross food looks nice on the plates if you don't stare at it too long :)

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