Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review: The Invisible Order: Book One: Rise of the Darklings

Author: Paul Crilley

Summary: (inside flap) Some things, once glimpsed, can never be unseen...

It was a morning like any other, frigid and gray, when Emily Snow took to the streets of Victorian London to earn the pennies that would keep her and her little brother alive for another day. But a chance turning took her through a dark alley, where she witnessed an extraordinary battle between fierce creatures no taller than her knee.

Emily can see into another world. And once she sees it, she cannot turn away; once engaged, she must join in the latest battle in a war that has been waged for centuries. Doing nothing is not an option, for the Invisible Order--a secret army dedicated to preserving our world against the creatures of Faerie--knows about Emily, and its members will do anything to control her. For Emily, her brother William, and their friend, the street thief Spring-Heeled Jack, this winter morning is a turning point, and hereafter their lives will be entwined with the Invisible Order, and with a battle to save our world from the forces that are out to destroy it.

Review: Although this book is geared toward younger readers (Ages 10+), I found it extremely enjoyable. I think that this could be a series that all age groups enjoy.

Never had a fairy tale had me so hooked as this one did. I loved and hated and then loved Emily Snow throughout her journey. Even though her parents' mysterious disappearance forced her to shed her childhood, she still retains her child-like qualities in the story. There is even more growth as she matures mentally. There were some moments where I felt she was too strong of a character considering her age and the responsibility she has to take care of her younger brother William. Emily is only twelve after all.

There were definately some really funny moments in this one courtesy of Corrigan who is probably my favorite character. It's a close tie between him and Jack.

The ones who were supposed to be scary were villainous and the "good" ones were mostly good. There were some parts where the lines of allegiance blur and tough decisions are to be made by Emily who holds more information than she even knows.

Did I mention there is time travel? And it's in London? And that I loved this book? Well I said it. And I have a feeling that Emily's next adventure is going to be just as amazing as this one. Let's join her for the ride, shall we?

Rating: 1 2 3 4 4.5 5


  1. I'm excited hearing about another fairy tale! I have a 9yr old that will eat this one up.

  2. It is definately a nice read for younger readers! Maybe you yourself would enjoy it. :)


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